Cookie Policy

1. Terms and definitions
1.1. Capitalized terms in this document have the following meanings:
1.1.1. Website Owner: Perception Technologies Limited Liability Company, registered under the main state registration number 1207700113488 dated March 12, 2020, registered address: 108811, Moscow, Vnukovskoye Settlement, Boris Pasternak str., 31, bld. 1, apt. 33; independently and at its own discretion determining the procedure for using the website, including the procedure for posting information on the website.
1.1.2. Content: information posted on the Website, including that downloaded and processed using the Application, in any form, including, without limitation, texts, tables, graphs, charts, graphics, photographs, videos, audio recordings. Content may contain results of intellectual activity, including objects of copyright and (or) neighboring rights, as well as means of identification, or information necessary to obtain them using information and telecommunication networks, including the Internet.
1.1.3. Policy: this Cookie Policy published in the public domain on the Website page:
1.1.4. User: a user of the information and telecommunications network "Internet" who visited the Website, an individual having legal status and capacity necessary to enter into this Agreement.
1.1.5. Terms of Use: Website Terms of Use published in the public domain on the Website page:
1.1.6. Applicable Law: the legislation of the Russian Federation, generally recognized principles and norms of international law and international treaties of the Russian Federation, in force at the time of the publication of this Policy, the commission of actions or the occurrence of events stipulated by the official documents of the Website Owner published on the Website.
1.1.7. Website: a composite work owned by the Website Owner, which is a set of programs for electronic computers, databases and other information contained in the information system, access to which is provided through the information and telecommunication network "Internet" by domain name
1.1.8. Parties: the Website Owner and the User.
1.1.9. Cookie: a piece of data that the Website webserver sends to the User's web-client when visiting the Website. Cookies are stored on the User's device and contain a simple key-value table that contains the data necessary for the Website operation. Cookies can be used to identify and authenticate the User, personalize the Website and collect information about the User's actions in the information and telecommunications network "Internet".

1.2. Other words and expressions of this Policy shall be used in the sense in which they are used in the Applicable Law.

2. General provisions
2.1. This Policy is an official document of the Website Owner, which is an integral part of the Terms of Use and is applied in addition to the Terms of Use to define the conditions for using Cookies to collect information about Users.
2.2. By joining the Terms of Use by committing the actions provided for by the Terms of Use, Users also accept the provisions of this Policy.
2.3. Information obtained using Cookies is processed in accordance with the Applicable Law and the official documents of the Website Owner published on the Site.

3. Use of Cookies
3.1. The purposes for information to be collected and processed on the Website using Cookies are as follows:
- Providing the opportunity to use the Website.
- Providing Users with access to personalized resources of the Website.
- Providing feedback and exchanging information with Users.
- Determining the location of Users.
- Confirmation of the accuracy and completeness of personal data provided by Users.
- Notifying Users about changes in the Website Terms of Use.
- Technical support for Users.
- Distribution of information and (or) implementation of advertising activities with the consent of Users.

3.2. The following categories of Cookies may be used on the Website:
3.2.1. Technical Cookies necessary for the proper operation of the Website and providing its Users with the full functionality of the Website. These Cookies are used automatically in relation to all and any Users who have visited the Site, depending on the technological features of the operation of sites in the information and telecommunication network "Internet".
3.2.2. Statistical and marketing Cookies that allow to:
- Recognize Users, count their number and collect information, for example, about operations performed, pages visited and views on the Website or on other information resources in the information and telecommunication network "Internet".
- Identify Users' software or hardware, including, but not limited to their browser type or device.
- Collect information about how Users interact with the Website.
- Ensure the relevance of advertising, increase the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

3.2.3. Other Cookies perform various service functions and make it easier to use the Website. They help to remember the state of the pages of the Website, select a region, save Users' personal preferences, including, but not limited to customizable elements of the Website, such as text size, font, etc.
(The categories of Cookies and the specific lists of Cookies used on the Website need to be clarified after analyzing those Cookies that are currently used on the Website).

3.3. The Website uses or may use Cookies placed by both the Website Owner and third parties.

3.4. Users have the right to prevent the Website Owner from using Cookies by changing their web browser settings and deleting saved Cookies. Since different web browsers provide different settings, the prohibition of the use of cookies may be implemented in different ways. For more information, Users are advised to refer to the settings of their respective web browser.

3.5. In the event that the use of certain Cookies is prohibited by the User, it should be borne in mind that this action may affect the operation of certain functions of the Website and cause their unavailability and (or) the inability to display part of the Content.

4. Miscellaneous
4.1. This Policy has been drafted and shall be interpreted in accordance with the Applicable Law. Issues not regulated by this Policy shall be resolved in accordance with the Applicable Law and official documents of the Website Owner published on the Website.

4.2. The legal relations of the Parties under this Policy are governed by the Applicable Law.

4.3. The Website Owner has the right to make changes to this Policy at any time unilaterally and by non-judicial means. Such changes come into force from the moment a new edition of this Policy is published on the Website. Users familiarize themselves with this Policy independently. Access to the Website after making changes to this Policy is considered a confirmation of Users' consent to this new edition of the Policy.

4.4. If the User disagrees with this Policy, specifically after making any changes to it, the User is obliged to stop using the Website by informing the Website Owner thereof via the addresses specified in this Policy.

4.5. This Policy comes into force for the User from the moment of their joining to the Terms of Use and (or) from the moment of providing the Website Owner with information in accordance with the terms of this Policy and other official documents of the Website Owner published on the Website, and is valid for an indefinite period.

4.6. This Policy is written in Russian and can be provided to Users for review in other languages. In case of discrepancies between the Russian-language version of the Policy and versions of the Policy in other languages, the provisions of the Russian-language version of this Policy shall predominate.

4.7. This Policy or part of it may be invalidated or changed under the court decision. In the event that this Policy or part of it is recognized as invalid or changes are made to them, the Parties shall be governed by the following provisions:
4.7.1. This Policy or part of it shall be considered invalid or valid in a new edition from the date of entry into force of the relevant court decision or from the date specified in such a decision.
4.7.2. The remaining provisions of this Policy not recognized as invalid or not changed in accordance with the court decision or regulatory legal act adopted and entered into force, remain in force and continue to be valid in the current edition.
4.8. Requests to the Website Owner arising out of this Policy may be sent to the following addresses:
4.8.1. Postal address of the Website Owner: 108811, Moscow, Vnukovskoye Settlement, Boris Pasternak str., 31, bld. 1, apt. 33.
4.8.2. E-mail address of the Website Owner: [email protected].

Edited on Feb. 22, 2022.